Deepest Dish Apple Pie

The filling is the best- right?  This is the filling of at least 2 pies with just a top crust.  Refer to Moms Pie Crust for your top or buy a store made one.  The rest you just peel, slice and mix. I use a good 12 apples.  Pick a firm and tart apple for […]


Fisher Family Donuts

When families blend, so do their traditions and recipes.  These have German roots- called Fastnachts, served on Fat Tuesday- the day before fasting begins in some religions.  Although that is not the religion of choice, every Fat Tuesday, mom Fisher makes up the donuts and so do I. Scald your milk (heat to that boiling […]

Asian foods

Chicken Adobo

When chicken thighs are on sale- grab them up.  This is a good slow cooker recipe if you will be out and about all day.  It’s also a good stove top recipe.  And it is wonderful finished up on a hot grill too.  Place thawed chicken pieces (you can use legs too) in your slow […]


Lemonade Slushies

When the hot weather hits, bring out the blender.  You can make these for adults too- of course!  Just add a bottle, I mean a few shots of your favorite liquor.  Fill the blender nearly full with ice cubes.  Add 3 scoops of powdered lemonade mix (the kind with sugar added).  Add water to just […]


Cajun Potatoes

This is an easy side dish for french fry lovers.  I take a few russet potatoes, wash them, prick them with a fork, and microwave on high for 6 minutes.  Remove and cool.  Slice them anywhere from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch slices.  Heat a thin layer of olive oil in a flat frying pan.  Place […]