Enchilada Sauce

Yes, you can make your own.  It is so rich compared to a can- you may just find yourself making it instead of buying the pre-made.  When you cook that whole chicken for your chicken enchiladas, you have at least 4-6 cups of wonderful chicken broth, complete with some onion and celery flavor.  Add to that 2 corn tortillas and 5 dried ancho peppers and cook until the peppers fall from the stem- about 45 to 60 minutes.  Then put the peppers and some broth into the blender and blend until smooth- add back to the soup, stir, heat,

Chicken enchilada with sauce

and you’re done.  If you can’t find dried peppers in your area, see if you can find ancho pepper powder.  A half cup of that should work as well.  Use over enchiladas, use to flavor tortilla or enchilada soup, store in the fridge for a week.  You can freeze it for later if necessary.

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