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This recipe started it all.   Yasmin asked for my hot carrot recipe.  She shot a photo of her end results and I shot a photo of my “canned” results and so it began…..

I have made hot carrots by the pound, by the 3 pounds, by the 5 pounds and even by the 25 pounds.  Friends and relatives know they can get a jar of carrots almost any time of the year.  Tackle 25 pounds when you have those same people in the house- and put them to work!  Peel and slice your carrots.  No more than an inch per slice.  Place in large soup pan and mix 3 parts cider vinegar, 1 part water.  Add salt ( a tsp per pound of carrots) and sugar (a Tablespoon per pound of carrots)  and spices.  I add some of the dried long red chili peppers, some peppercorns, some diced or sliced garlic,  a sliced onion, and jalapenos with 2-3 slices down the pepper to release the heat.   The more jalapenos- the hotter the carrots will be.  They increase in heat as they sit.  I like about 4 jalapenos per jar of carrots.  Add thyme- either dried or fresh.  If you have some hot cherry peppers or a banana pepper- put it in!  It’s YOUR jar of carrots….

Cooking time depends on how crisp or soft you want the carrots- no more than 10 minutes at a slow boil.  Test a carrot along the way.  They keep cooking when turned off, so stop the process when they are just a little crisper than you want them.  These keep in the fridge or you can “can” them for longer shelf life or gifts.  You can even pull out some super crisp and keep cooking if you have those that like them tender.  If you ever buy super size plastic jars- this is a great re-use for them.  Serve a bowl anytime, add to your relish tray during holidays, give as gifts.

Yasmins Hot Carrots

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