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Banana Bread- recipe coming soon

I had the experience of spending  the summer with Diana Fisher, bonus daughter extraordinaire, and she loves cooking and watching me be creative in the kitchen.   Megans boyfriend Casey would come in and ask “What deliciousness is cooking today?” and there came our idea for the blog.  Jon and Mike walked me through the mechanics of putting this together.  Amanda requested the chicken noodle soup and off we go!

So, keep your requests coming and visit often.  There are a lot of recipes and memories to share! 

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Mom! I love that you are updating frequently – but you really need to get a decent digital camera and take your own pictures. It makes the blog a lot more personal! Especially when you’re showing steps, it’s more credible if you show yourself or someone in your kitchen doing the steps! And everyone would rather see YOUR final result rather than an image you found on the web.

You can get a good digital camera for $100 or less and it comes with a cable to upload your pictures!

Other than that, it’s looking awesome! Keep it up!

Mom, I used your Banana Bread that we had frozen and made french toast out of it! It was awesome. I cut up a fresh banana, lightly salted the slices and put cinnamon on them. I laid them on the french toast and covered it with syrup and a homemade icing I made (I can see why they suggest confectioner’s sugar, but I used granulated sugar, cream cheese, 1 tsp. vanilla and a splash of orange juice!)

You should try and make your own variation on here!

Hey Karen… this site is amazing! I have read all through and used so many of the recipes. They are turn out so perfect I see a book in your future!!!

I love this blog! Since the Holidays are coming up, could you please add some of your Christmas cookie recipes? Especially the “snow balls” and oh, your fudge!

Thanks, Mom! Love you!

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