Blackberry Wine

This is year 5 making blackberry wine.  I had 2 batches of dry, fruity wine.  I had one batch of blackberry vinegar.  I had one batch of sweet fruity wine.  So, other than figuring out why I got vinegar- which is still great for cooking and salad dressings- I don’t know what factors into the final outcome.  I am using this recipe-

70 cups of mashed ripe blackberries.  (4.5 gallons)

10 pounds of organic sugar

2 to 3 gallons of bottled spring water

2 packages of wine yeast

I line a >>> food safe bucket with a huge /// bag.  You can find both items on Amazon.  Click here &&& to see wine equipment.

I heat the sugar and water in several batches, making sure to cool the syrup before pouring over the berries.  I cover the bucket with the lid, weigh it down and come back in 24 hours.

On the second day, mix the yeast with a half cup of spring water.  Add to the berries/sugar mixture and stir.  Stir daily for one week.

At one week, wring out the liquid from the berries in the bag.  Pour into a 5 gallon carboy.  Clean the carboy with disinfectant sold for that reason.  Top with an air lock and store in a cool place.  Check back in 3 months.


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