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Homemade Beans

There are many kinds of beans out there to cook up- but the pinto just begs to be used.  I start with a soup, then as it thickens, make the rest into re-fried beans.  The flavor is wonderful and you can add smoked meats or not depending on your taste preferences, what’s in the fridge and your diet.

I start with 2 cups of raw pintos- dump on a cookies sheet and remove the stones, wrinkles, ugly and cracked ones.  Just put the beans into a pan, cover with ample water and bring to a boil.  Turn off and from there they can sit or you can drain them and  rinse them. 

Todays beans are going to be flavored with smoked turkey drumettes.  The grocery stores now carry smoked turkey parts in addition to ham hocks.  So for a meatier, smokier bean soup- pick up some smoked turkey parts.  In your soup pot slice up a large onion, add a few dried red hot peppers, a couple bay leaves and the turkey.  Cover with water and bring to a boil.  I’m going to let this go 2 hours or so while the turkey softens and falls from the bone.  Then I’ll de-bone, check the soup for any skin or bones and return the beans and turkey to the soup.  Check now the seasoning- and if you made enchilada sauce, put in a heaping spoonful.  If not- chili powder or taco seasoning will do.  The turkey was salty so test the flavor before adding any salt or seasoning salt.

Cook until beans are soft.  Depending on what you did when they came to a boil- that could be 30 minutes (soaked overnight) or a couple hours.  For variety we sometimes cook up some Mexican pork chorizo, drain and add to the beans.  When ready to serve- top with diced onions, sliced jalapenos, chicarones, cilantro, or a little shredded cheese.  You’ll be having your beans once a week.

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