Appetizers Salads

Pico de Gallo

Another thanks to Cecilia Flores.  This is a chunky salsa- just make enough for the day as it does not keep well. FANTASTIC on tacos, burritos or with fresh chips.  Great over fish, chicken, steak.  Wonderful with carne asada or quesadillas. Just find a confortable spot and assemble your ingredients- tomatoes, tomatillos, carrots, jalapenos, green […]

Dinners Soups

Zucchini stew

This is such a summer treat- but you can put it together anytime.  When the garden is producing, slice a couple zucchinis in a soup pan, add “whatever you’ve got” and a large can of tomatoes.  Add some fresh basil or dried italian spices, salt, pepper and simmer.  Whatever you’ve got can include celery, onions, […]

Appetizers Asian foods


You KNOW it’s gotta be special.  This makes a party a party.  This should BE a party when you make it.   The more the merrier.  The challenge is finding the rice wrappers.  They are not carried in most grocery stores.  We head to Seafood City in National City to stock up.  They do freeze.  Our […]

Asian foods

Filipino Fried Rice

I can credit Megans late delivery to fried rice.  I was sent home from the hospital and I think that was just so I could have some more fried rice.   Prepare your vegies before you start frying.  You can really go “instant” with a bag of coleslaw mix, frozen mixed vegies and sliced green onions.  […]


homemade chicken soup

This is for Amanda who always told me she would learn to make this before she left home.  She has left home a couple times now-and now she will have this in writing!  I love thinking something I make will get passed down to the next generation. Wash a whole chicken and put in your […]



This is a family favorite, thanks to Cecilia Flores, mother of my grandson, Jonathan.  We had some great times cooking up her family traditional recipes.  This is my take on posole- a simple pork soup, served with fresh vegies on top.   (Some spell it pasole). Put a couple pounds of rinsed off Country pork ribs […]


Greek Salad

When you get tired of the cost of the wonderful Greek salads, learn to make your own!  Not so hard and you will be able to tweak it like you like it. Wash and shred romaine lettuce.  Slice ripe tomatos, cucumber chunks, kalamata olives (oh, find the ones marinating in red wine), feta cheese, red […]


Fried Zucchini

This has to be the favorite from the garden treat.  Wash and slice your zucchini into 1/2 inch slices.  You can get creative and make sticks too.  I use the 3 step method- dry, dip, dry and fry- oh, that’s four steps.  Mix the flour in a bowl with the salt, pepper and cayenne pepper.  […]


Pickled Peppers

Well, when the garden is producing, it’s producing.  What to do with all those lovely peppers?  We make a lot of hot sauces and salsas- but a jar of pretty pickled peppers looks great in the kitchen and adds flavor to salads later.  They make nice gifts too.  So- easy enough- wash your peppers.   I […]


peach jam day

Homemade Country peach jam.